Meet our CodinGamers

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CANAL+ hosts a CodingHub on the 28th of February and our dev community is very excited about it !

This CodingHub will allow developers from outside the company to meet and work together on the next CodinGame contest: Ghost In The Cell. For this event, about 20 developers will be there, half will be CANAL+ developers.

Most CANAL+ developers are going to compete in their first CodinGame contest ! Nevertheless… Some are used to compete during hackathons or are solid CodinGamers.

Most will uses Javascript but some will code using PERL, Python or PHP… No C++ or C# this time !

This event will be the opportunity to code for fun, share both techniques and strategies, have a good time, compete… and, of course… eat pizzas !

We have absolutely no idea about the content of the contest… One thing is certain thought, we’re already on the starting blocks, are you ?

CANAL+ Codingamers : Athella, clemtoy, FlorentD, Rainphoenix, SackPhantom, Tetesoulo


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